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The Implementation of Teaching and Learning Method of “PARSES” Through "Step by Step Game" in Procedure Text by Applying Simple ICT Class IX Term 1 Academic Year 2014/2015 MTsN Maguwoharjo

by Nur Hasanah Rahmawati, S Ag, M.M.
Seminar and ELITE Congress “Contemporary Issues in English Linguistics, Literature, and Education” held by English Departement UIN Sunan Kalijaga

Many methods and media can be done by the teacher to make learning English fun and attractive. One of the media is Information and Communication Technology (ITC). In this case the author designs the teaching and learning process using “PARSES METHOD” (Preparing, Acting, Recording, Showing, Evaluating, and Summarizing) as one of the methods using simple ICT in Procedure Text through "Step By Step Game". Game is an activity which is certainly favored by students. Children attached to all sorts of games. So learning by game will be more likely to be accepted by the children. Starting from a sense of love, it is expected to grow learning motivations, and the implication is that the learning will become more effective.

Moreover, supported by “PARSES METHOD”, where the teacher records the appearance of their game then performs it in front of the class, it will motivate students to be able to show the best. Those activities exactly encourage students to behave better. Recorded by the teacher, the students will have a great responsibility to perform their best, and when the video is shown to their friends in class, they will feel proud. Then, by recording and uploading their performance on you tube and are watched by his friends from other schools, they fell very excited.

Hopefully, the objective of teaching and learning in class can be achieved easily.

Key words:
PARSES (Preparing, Acting, Recording, Showing, Evaluating, Summarizing), ICT, Game, Smart Cards.

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